12.06.2021 11:51

Two more months to the TSTOS event!

By Joel Sariola

We will open 75 more tickets for both main factions today at 20.00 (Finnish time, UTC+3). We will hope that the player numbers will stay balanced in the future.

The vehicle registration system is now open in the First you'll have to make a profile for the vehicle, and then you can register the vehicle for the event.

In addition, Hölböcorp's leaders (HQ) will soon be announced, so players will be able to come up their battle plans.

Fortunately, the situation in Covid-19 in Finland also seems to be gradually improving in the direction of Päijät-Häme, so the organization is confident that the event can be organized safely. We may make some small changes to the rules that include close contact closer to the event when the situation is clear.

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