Information about the UN faction


The troops of the UNOF mission (United Nations Observers in Finland) survived the explosion of the Hölböcorp missile, as the majority of the troops had already withdrawn to the southern parts of the Padasjoki to investigate a suspected war crime. When the situation calmed down, UNOF troops returned to Padasjoki, which was now abandoned by Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa. UN's goal was yet again to assist the local civilians and war victims. Soon, the peacekeepers serving in the operation found themselves at the center of a crisis that was beginning again, as the relations between Hölböcorp and the EGTC were further tightening.

UN factions purpose is to observe the prevailing civil war operation UNOF (United Nations Observers in Finland) and report it forward to the UN council. You recognize the UN troops from the blue armband.


  • Camouflage: No limitations.
  • Armband: Blue + Player-ID. Armband must be worn on both hands.
  • Vehicles: Player owned vehicles.
  • Faction leader: Sami Mansikka
  • You can join to the UN only via approval of the battalion commander: [javascript protected email address]
  • Facebook-group: linkki
  • The UN's role is going to change the significantly during the event, which is why the factions entry fee is the same as other factions. Further information about the role change will be provided by the UN leader .


Mechanized company

  • The primary task of the company is to monitor public order and security in the area.
  • Other tasks may include, among other things, investigating crimes in a civilian village, controlling firearms in the village and other cooperative tasks with villages and fighting faction headquarters.
  • The UN forces have a mandate given by game masters to intervene violations of the ingame rules, such as killing civilians and violations of rules written by UN.
  • The UN may impose various restrictions on the fighting factions or on civilians, such as extended respawn times or, ultimately, suing individual players for court-martial.
  • The deliberate killing of UN forces are primarily handled in court-martial overseen by the accused players factions commander, but in very serious cases it can also be handled by the game masters.