Information about the civilian factions


There are some villages inhabited by civilians and other civilian locations in the area of Iso Tarus. In the north, the largest village is known as the Taruksenkylä. All civilian locations and services are marked in and the game map.

Despite protracted fighting, there is still a small but solid civilian community in the Padasjoki area. Over the years, violence among civilians has diminished, and civilians have learned to hold one as well as to help one another. The civilian population is represented by an elected village chief who, in co-operation with UN peacekeepers, has taken care of the security of the area and looking after the rights of individual civilians.
Over time, the affects of war have begun to ease among the public and unemployment has been declining slightly. During the crisis between Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa, the civilian population made some money in maintaining military equipment and caring for the wounded.
Much of the civilian occupations have been built around the previous crisis, and some civilians are already cautious for fearing of a recurrence of the crisis.


  • Armband: Green and white longitudinally connected in both hands + player ID
  • Vehicles: Only vehicles provided by fellow players. No vehicles will be provided by game masters for ingame-use.
  • Armament: Civilians are allowed to carry semi-only weapons
  • Civilians have some role in various missions. There is also room for your own ideas.
  • Lowered ticket price: 25€
  • Village leader: ?
  • Please tell about your role or what you would like to do as civilian by filling civilian faction inquiry
  • Facebook-group: link

Civilian roles


  • Uniforms: Civilian clothing.
  • Players can do whatever they want and establish any kinds of services and groups within the faction for example: criminal band, fishing business, religious groups, taxi service, bar, restaurant etc. In addition, business owners and journalists may need help from the villagers.

Journalists and bloggers

  • Various journalists and bloggers will record video and photos of the ongoing crisis situation, conduct interviews, conduct investigative journalism, and propagate the events of the region.
  • In the role of newspaper editor, independent blogger, you play a key role in spreading information. In addition to playing the role of a reporter or a blogger, you can play another ingame role simultaneously / separately.
  • Game masters will provide an ingame wordpress-platform for news:
  • Full-time journalists and bloggers should join to this faction. Players who also play other role will not join to this faction.
  • Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa and UN also have their own press officers, which are engaged in their own media operations.
  • Equipment: Your own camera. Press-vest is recommended.
  • After signing up, all journalists and bloggers must contact the game masters by e-mail [javascript protected email address].