16.03.2021 20:30

TSTOS situation check

By Joel Sariola

TSTOS situation check:

- Hölböcorp still needs faction HQ. If you feel that you or your group could do it, email us Ehasa is not going to run any faction this year.
- Payments have been checked today and will be checked tomorrow. After that reminders will be sent for those who have not paid. We will delete first not paid tickets at next week monday.
- Ehasa checks payments manually once a week or in two. So don't worry, in 99% cases your payment has come. We just have not yet marked it as paid.
- When you get check that payment is okay, you can join your faction FB group. You can find the link to groups in start of the faction page.
- Those who have applied for EGTC/"both sides" recon platoon, your applications have been send to EGTC leadership. Those who have applied for Hölböcorp, are not yet processed. 

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