15.03.2021 13:16

EGTC HQ introduced

By Joel Sariola

Ahoy everyone!

This year EGTC (East Gamba Trading Company) headquarters will be led by us, Tiera Airsoft and more specifically it’s members Mikko, Henu, Eero, Pasi and Lauri. We namedrop these five people operating at TOC as leading an effective force is team effort and no one person can do it alone. We like to play mission oriented “MilSim”-style airsoft without getting too serious. Our core value is teamwork in all matters of the outfit. Great things are achieved when great people work in unison!

Last summer we led the Uusimaa faction/battalion. Before that we’ve marinated ourselves in leading Pirkanmaa at the very first TSTOS game and in some Berget games running the TOC.

Outside airsoft we are engineers, political scientists and all kinds of masters inside and outside the university/school world.

Pointman especially before the game is Mikko who will act as faction leader/battalion commander ingame. Best way to get hold of him is by email: m_koho_ (ät) We also recommend that everyone who reads this follows the most popular airsoft social media account in Finland: @tiera_airsoft on Instagram.


East Gamba Trading Company magazine “Trading Not Fading” 12.3.2021

Reporter Antero Riikonen.

I met my interviewees at the EGTC headquarters conference room. The whole world naturally has heard about last summer's clashes in Finland and the small miracle of how Uusimaa Battalion was saved from near sure destruction by Hölböcorps irresponsible and devastating missile test and later by disengaging successfully by defeating Pirkanmaa’s forces in the area.

But now is not the time to recall the past but to plan tomorrow. Uusimaa is dead and a new era is dawning. I am here to interview EGTC:s newest top recruiting: team Tiera, that led the Uusimaa Battalion last summer, has been hired by EGTC to lead their functions at Padasjoki. With me here in the meeting room are Mikko, Henu, Eero, Pasi and Lauri. I have been granted an opportunity to ask them a few questions.

“We are very excited to start working with EGTC. Payment and benefits are good, but it’s really a privilege to get to work at the familiar and fantastic Padajoki region”, The Famous Five start in harmony. Tierans also think about corporations values and feel like they are coming to do a little makeover in corporate. “We know EGTC's difficult history, which of course is nothing compared to ICBM toting Hölböcorp. To us as people it is important to be able to continue our work in benefit of the Padasjoki area and it’s inhabitants. Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa are gone, but the mission stays the same now that Tiera works for private sector: we are in this for the good of the whole Finland”, Mikko says.

I keep myself from asking what Tiera thinks of Uusimaa. Answer is interesting and even surprising. “Oh well Uusimaa was not very good employer”, Henu starts. Pasi steps in and fills in the blanks: “On Friday’s there was a lucky draw but all the prizes were non drinkable beer. EGTC has Gambina, it’s much better.” The list goes on: staff Christmas Party has been upheld since 2015 and every Monday morning started with a close order drill.

Our conversation conveys into the future. Group innovator Eero offers exciting views: “Yes we start to boldly innovate with the idea ‘corporations mengled into civil war as a service’. Private sector has this special dynamic penetrative power, elasticity and willpower to achieve desired outcomes.” Lauri joins in and adds: “And the desired outcome is prospering Padasjoki without war and to achieve that with as peacefully as possible.”

Meeting room door opens and Janne Gambels himself gets in to get The Famous Five to a planning powwow. I hear that on the agenda there are CIMIC projects, staff recruitment via Kuulaportti service and of course team building exercises with trust falls. I thank Tiera for an amazing interview. Just before they go, Mikko wants to send his regards: “Welcome everyone to build Prosperous Padasjoki for everyone with us! We welcome in old and new affiliates. Follow us on Instgram, @tiera_airsoft, and join the glorious voyage to better tomorrow!”

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