08.02.2021 18:37

Website opened and changes to the last year

By Elias Tahvanainen

We have launched a website for the tstos 21 event. 

In the future we will publish information and news  on this website, Facebook, Instagram and by email for those who have purchased a ticket .

Registration for the event will open at the end of February. Registration takes place in the new Kuulaportti service, which is published closer to the time of opening the registration. The old users do not work in the new system and you must register a new user.

We remind you that if we have to cancel an event due to a coronavirus, we will refund the game fees in full -5 € processing fee, which is caused by manual processing of payments and the cost of bank transfers.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

The website has been extensively updated from previous years and we hope you familiarize yourself with the site and the information it contains.

In 2021, the following things and rules have changed or are worth reading through again, even if you are a long-standing TSTOS veteran:

  • The new main factions will be filled evenly in terms of player and vehicle slots. More places will be opened and advertised on Facebook. We hope this balances the factions.
  • The colors of the armbands of the new main factions will be revealed closer to the event. With this, we hope that players do not select a faction "because I've always played the same color faction" basis.
  • The duration of the event is the longest ever in the history of TSTOS! Because of this, "night time" is this year at. 02-09 so that players can cope better until the end! With night players in mind, we’re going to “close” some of the capture points every night so players can better find activity at night.
  • Chronography will be done by using player bb's. In addition, for the sake of clarity, the rules state that all weapons must be brought into the coronation, but our staff will decide which pistols will be chronographed, if any.
  • The motorhomes that have sparked debate are now clearly allowed in the accommodation area. This is a test year and there must be enough accommodation for everyone. See "Information-> General-> Accommodation" for more information.
  • In 2021, we aim to slightly increase the game masters vehicle capacity to handle the parking lot and helicopter rides, but the fact is that the number of assistants is very important for our ability to handle transportation. Note that the distance between the game area and the parking lot is long.
  • We will need a lot of assistants again in 2021 and there is a own news article about it.

As for the rules, both major and minor changes / clarifications were made. In particular, the vehicle rules have been modified again to clarify and make vehicle operation safe for all. Changes have been made to the rules:

  • Capture and resource points (some capture points are disabled at night and instructions on how the capture points work)
  • Rallypoint cache (about stealing resource tables)
  • Anti-tank mines (Duration of installation and disassembly of the mines is increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes.)
  • Vehicles (Several changes in terms of vehicle marking requirements,  removal of Class 3 vehicles, rules related to vehicle equipment and operational safety)
  • Anti-tank player (Using own shells, shooting from AT-weapon systems in a vehicle or as an infantry, adding the PMR8 vehicle radio channel as part of the official game)
  • Destruction, repair and respawn of vehicles (eg disability added to vehicle category 2 operations)
  • Helicopter, air and water transport (Addition a exception to the rules that may be used by the game masters during the game)
  • Communication (PMR8 channel reserved for vehicle-at channel only)
  • Offgame (LARP situations should be handled outside the faction bases, not inside them)

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