13.07.2021 18:58

Small rule updates 13.7.

By Joel Sariola

We made small changes to the rules:

- Added that medic field dressings must be white in color. The shape of field dressing is still free, as long as it can be wrapped around limb and is white. What ever style field dressing you have, it still takes 2 minutes to heal player in normal situation.
- Vehicle marking changes a bit for all Ehasa events in future. Vehicles will now get permanent vehicle ID number in kuulaportti. It is max three numbers long and it follows the vehicle to all ehasa events. Players cannot ask any specific numbers in their use, sorry for that. With vehicle ID, we use still the vehicle class system which are determinated by same rules as before. These two numbers will be separeted with dash so the new numbers will be example 1-1, 2-10, 1-100 etc. 
- We remind you, that all vehicles must check-in to the game in kuulaportti before the event. This can be done after player has himself/herself check-in to the event.

P.S. We remind you also to join your faction Facebook group which way your faction leaders have better way to share information for you. Links to the groups can be found from our website under the faction info page.

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