13.07.2021 18:45

Hölböcorp Corporate management unit presents itself

By Joel Sariola


Operation of Hölböcorp united in Padasjoki will be organized by the following group.

Jaakko Hiltunen will play as battalion commander. Someone may know me by the nickname “Jaski”. During past years I have many times overlooked HQ working in different games and several times been part of it more or less in different levels like company com, platoon leader, squad leader. Couple times I have led special and reconnaissance units.

In southern Lapland you may have seen me in local games since 2005. I have organized games there with our team Ristituli. In Berget and TSTOS events I have played under 6mm or Firstwave team tags. I've been interested in managing a faction for a while already and now I found the perfect spot for it and brilliant cooperation partners.

Along with me in Hölböcorp Battalion headquarters will operate Ville from team “Alamo” and Jere from team “Ilvessoturit”. Both are also operating actively in Kyrö-company. They represent military leadership in our headquaters.

Us three will be the core of our HQ and we will together be responsible for organizising Hölböcorp Faction. There will also be more players in different roles in HQ but more of them later.

Our main goal is to give every player the game that they have come for, unforgettable experiences, working MilSim and a positive memory.

Our very first task is forming the organization chart and communications on sublevels.

I´m asking every squad-, platoon- and company leader or who wants to play those roles, contact me asap. We know there are many potential leaders in our battalion so don't hesitate to contact me if you think you could be in a leader role.

You will find Jaakko from Facebook or email


Hölböcorp press release:

Hölböcorp strengthens countryspecific operations in Finland

Following persons have been nominated to Hölböcorp Finland operating committee:

Country Director Jaakko Hiltunen

Strategy Director Ville H.

Operations Director Jere S.

The new operating committee has a strong will to lift up Hölböcorp business to a whole new level in Finland. First we will pursue new business in the badly civil war torn region of Padasjoki. Together with local government, public authorities and other participants we will aim to cooperation which is beneficial for all parties involved.

Our personnel in Finland constitutes of different specialists from all over Europe. They are all highly trained, motivated and hardest professionals.

For us the welfare and safety of our personnel is a high priority - only satisfied and competent personnel enables profitable business.

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