04.07.2021 16:03

Main factions armband colors, more anti-tank round allowed, reminder for players bringing vehicle and info for players coming outside of Finland

By Joel Sariola

Battlegroup 21 main faction armband colors have been drawn. From this moment, EGTC will have Yellow, and Hölböcorp RED color. 

Another important news is, that from this moment, we also allow other manufacturers powder color grenades as long as they are sold commercially and are similiar to TAG Innovations Paladins. We hope this will make it easier for players to buy them and still keep games safe for everyone.

Players bringing vehicle, remember to register your vehicle to the event in First add your vehicle in "vehicles" -tab and after that go to the event. There you will see new "vehicle ticket" -tab next to your "my ticket" -tab. From there you can add your vehicle to the event.

Last for you who come from outside of Finland, you can easily check the latest travelling info from HERE ( in many languages. Finnish goverment will review these travelling  information again at 11.7.

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