15.02.2021 23:08

UN commander introduction

By Joel Sariola


I'm Sami Mansikka and this year I will be the UN commander. I have played airosft since 2005. Previously I have attended some bigger games such as Berget and as well as all the previous TSTOS events, of which in TSTOS 20 I also served as UN Commander.

Un will start its recruitment as the event registration opens. In the wake of last year’s UN team, the bar is set high. In any case, just message me either directly or through ehasa. If you have any questions about the faction, you can contact me by e-mail ( or via Facebook. Also in the asfi discord you can find me with the username pekoni.

This year, the UN faction will differ somewhat from the previous year. The UN will start the game on a full-on larp by carrying out vehicle and personnel checks, so to speak, at the no mans land.

See you at the event!

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